A Letter from Our Rector

Dear Friends,

St. James continues to worship and serve in the midst of the rising and falling waves of the pandemic. Thank you for your faithfulness in worshiping, serving, and giving. We are all making choices for our own safety and that of others. I look forward to a time when we can all safely be together.

I need your help with a few things. We will have our annual meeting on October 24. At that time we will select 4 new vestry members. I need your nominations for parishioners who will be faithful leaders. Please let me know who you feel can guide us.

We are also entering the season when we prepare a budget for the next year. Your giving matters. We maintain our buildings, pay staff, and use resources so that we can continue to be a witness in our community. Please consider what you can pledge and return your pledge card by October 3.

As always, take a look at the many opportunities to pray, study, and serve together. I know that the pandemic has revealed my own need for connection. We have many ways to connect at St. James. Ultimately, our connection to each other reveals our connection to God. I pray that you know God is with you always. 

Fr. John Mark

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