A Letter from Our Rector

Grace and Peace to you. 
We live in a time when there is much shared anxiety and angst. The pandemic, racial injustice, the election cycle, and a barrage of information sources can leave us feeling dazed. I know that gathering as a community is something that has centered many of us. While we can’t gather right now, we do have resources that can hold us and guide us.
Just this past Sunday, we reflected on the Feeding of the 5000 in Matthew 14:13-21. When the disciples came to Jesus asking him to send hungry people away, he said “You feed them.” They then took what resources they had and fed the people with an abundance left over. It can be easy to think that prayer, a moment of silence, or a phone call is a little thing. 
We have an abundance of resources to connect and be fed in so many ways. I pray that we can all take those simple graces and see God’s abundance working in them. There are many opportunities to connect listed in this email. Join in receiving these and seeing God work in you. 
John Mark