A Letter from Our Rector


We are approaching All Saints’ Day on November 1. Over time, this day has had various meanings. In general, it is a day to recognize that there have been many faithful who have come before us. We recognize and are encouraged by their faithfulness even though we may not know their names. I feel this connection most strongly when we worship and pray. Revelation 5:8 speaks of the saints offering prayers for us as they worship in heaven.

I take comfort knowing that those saints are praying for us. In these times of sickness, civil unrest, and deep anxiety the witness of the saints encourages us to faithfully endure and trust in God. As you experience some doubt, fear, or anxiety, remember that we stand with a long of the faithful. Those saints lived their faith through times of war, civil unrest, pandemic, and various types of political power. Join them in prayer now.

We can join, not just with saints who have gone before us but also with our saints among us now. You do that when you serve together as many of you have continued to do. Thank you for your continued generosity during this time. We continue to feed and serve others and anticipate needs increasing in the days to come.

In consultation with others, I will continue to explore our options for having in-person worship gatherings. We are having Eucharist at 4:00 PM on Sundays in the courtyard. You can register for this week at this link.

Remember that we stand in a long line of saints who continue to pray for us. Join with them in offering prayers for our nation, this world, and all whom God is making saints.

Fr. John Mark