A Letter from Our Rector

Dear Friends,
I miss seeing you all gathered together. While we are limited in how we can convene, we can still pray and worship as one.
During Holy Week, you will be provided with resources to commemorate these days in the home. I encourage you to make space and time to engage this practice of the domestic church. 
Giving during this time is also important. The act of collecting our gifts and bringing them to the altar is a beautiful symbol of our offering ourselves to God. Bringing forward our gifts is a way of acknowledging that everything we have is a gift from God. We can still offer our gifts in this time. We bring them with thanksgiving and hope. You can send your financial gift to St. James via the mail or online giving at https://stjamesknox.org/giving/

Please consider how you can give now. 
I know that I am grateful for every "touch" or connection during this time. Your gift of reaching out to others means more than you know. When you think of someone, don't hesitate to reach out in some way. Christ reaches out to us in the midst of our humanity. We are united as Christ's body even when there is so much space between us. 
Fr. John Mark