A Letter from Our Rector


I am writing this as our nation inaugurates a new president. This occurs in the aftermath of the violence of January 6. As we see a transition of administrations, I am reminded that our ultimate hope is not in a particular leader, political party, or a form of government. The proper political stance of a follower of Christ is faithfulness. No matter who is in power, we are called to faithfulness, justice, and mercy.

Thank you for being a community that calls me to faithfulness. We demonstrate that as we worship, pray, and study together. You show mercy as our parish seeks to meet the needs of those who are hungry and suffering. We seek justice as we advocate for changes in our society that will alleviate that suffering. We have continued all of this work even in the midst of a pandemic.

You can join us this Sunday for Morning Prayer, and also for a socially distanced Eucharist at 3:00 PM in the church. You can sign up for the Eucharist at this LINK. I encourage you to also consider options for prayer and study listed in this email. 

In the weeks to come, you will get more information about how we will observe Ash Wednesday and Lent. Bishop Cole has given some creative guidance for Ash Wednesday, and I look forward to following his lead. We will also begin to gather small groups for virtual conversations about our 100th anniversary and how we might celebrate that.  
Thank you for your faithfulness even when we can’t be together in person. I pray that we can gather safely in the coming months. Your faithfulness gives me hope and strength. I am blessed to be a part of St. James. May you all be blessed as well.

Fr. John Mark

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