St. James Episcopal Church, c. 1947

There’s a theory that the world completely changes every 80 or so years. The world of the 1860s was not the same as it was during the Revolution. The world of the 1940s was not the same as it was during the Civil War, and the world of today isContinue Reading

To make a monetary contribution: Please mail a check, payable to St. James, to St. James Episcopal Church, Helping Hands Ministry, 1101 N. Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917. Write in the memo field of the check, “Helping Hands”. Make an online donation at, Reading

St. James has created an old-fashioned advent calendar with a new twist. On each successive day in December leading up to Christmas, mouse over and click one additional image featured in the scene to view some familiar festive faces and listen to some music of the season. 🙂Continue Reading