Walk our Labyrinth

Built for millennia, labyrinths are found around the world.  The most famous is in the Cathedral of Chartres in France dating back to about 1220.  A labyrinth is an enclosed path having one route that winds in toward its center point.  There it makes a decisive turn to allow you to wander out.  Unlike a maze, there are no tricks or dead ends.  The walk is a natural way of grounding and centering oneself.  Perhaps you are reflecting on a question or problem or you simply wish to quiet and empty your mind.  There is no one way to walk the labyrinth.  It is your journey and your experience.

Welcome to the St. James Labyrinth.  Simply begin at the opening near the top of the steps, then follow the path to the center.  You will find yourself going through three stages of walking, releasing (let go of details of your life), receiving (open your mind and heart to the Holy Spirit) and returning (claim insight, strength and comfort).  There are several suggested prayers that can be provided to help along the way. 

For additional information, email Barbara Hickey at barbarahickey87@gmail.com.

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