St. James Centennial Survey

Each of us is drawn to St. James for different reasons, but we all share an appreciation for the love and service she has provided to our members and our neighbors for such a long time. After nearly 100 years, some of her structural components and certain other aspects of her building design must be upgraded to be able to continue to serve during the next centennial. 

For that reason, St. James is currently planning a 3-year capital campaign to raise the necessary funds to make appropriate improvements.  This survey is being distributed to as many parishioners as possible to encourage everyone to share their thoughts about the best way forward.  

The Centennial Survey Form may be accessed at THIS LINK.  If you, or someone you know, would prefer to print this form and fill it out, please drop it by the church, or mail it to: St. James Episcopal Church | 1101 N. Broadway | Knoxville, TN  37917.

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