Realm OnLine Giving

Going forward, all electronic giving will happen on Realm.

How to Give

There are new ways to give online at St. James. The first way is by following our new link to GIVING. This will open a new window to giving on Realm. From there, you can make your gift with a valid email address and payment information. If you already have a Realm account, log in and go to the Giving menu item on the left hand side of the sreen.

The second way to give is by text. If you text the phrase “stjamesbroadway” to the number 73256, you’ll be directed to a giving portal to enter your information and make your gift. If your email address matches what we have on record, the amount will be added to your records on Realm.

About Your Records 

You always have access to your own records. In order to retrieve them, you must first create a Realm account. From there, you can view your giving history as well as print them out for your own record keeping or tax purposes.

About Recurring Gifts

Please note, Realm in now the preferred way of giving to St. James.  All recurring donations do NOT migrate to the new system.  You will have to manually cancel the Vanco Direct donation and reset it up at the new GIVING LINK

We would like to work with you in converting your account over to Realm. You can easily do this yourself – and if you do, be sure to let Bob, and Marilyn know. If you are unsure how to proceed, we’d be happy to assist.

You will also notice two donation links on our website now. The old donations link still allows you access to the current system which needs to be terminated. Then use the new link to setup the recurring gift again.

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