Parish Care

Our phone tree is helping to keep us all in touch. You may have received a call from the person with your name. It’s a great way to visit and you may even make a new friend with your conversation! 

More phone tree callers are needed. If you are willing to make several phone calls each week to parishioners, please send an email to Fr. RJ ( Several volunteers need to take a break and would like to be switched out for a while. Currently each volunteer is getting 8-9 folks to contact each week, but the more callers, the lighter the load, and greater the connections. Thank you!!

If you or another parishioner needs help going to get groceries or medicine, please contact the church office by email,, if possible. We have people who have offered their services to help. 

Parish Care Committee.  If you or someone you know has need of a meal, transportation, or assistance due to illness or other situation, please contact the church office, 865-523-5687 or Bea Emory, 865-687-2082, . If you are willing to help on occasions when needs arise, please contact Bea Emory.

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