The Vestry at St. James is made up of 12 members in good standing of the parish with four new members selected each year. A term on the Vestry is three years. The candidates for Vestry are nominated by committee made up of the outgoing class, and the new members are selected by lots at the Annual Meeting. This follows the scripture were the Apostles replaced Judas by casting lots.

The Senior Warden is named by the Rector. The Junior Warden and the Clerk of the Vestry are selected by the Vestry. The Treasurer may be selected from the Vestry or from the Parish (and does not have to be on the Vestry). 

Term Ending 2021
, Senior Warden
Sarah Rimer Moss
Nick Simson
Richard Wilson

Term Ending 2022
Satya Bains

Victoria Hawkins
Dee Ann Turpin
Butch Yates, Junior Warden

Term Ending 2023
Mark Abell
Stacy Hall
Drew Harper
Audrey Nitz

Drew Jeske-Polyak

Recording Secretaries
Sarah Rimer Moss
Barbara Merritt
Molly Moore