Friends, I am writing this as our nation inaugurates a new president. This occurs in the aftermath of the violence of January 6. As we see a transition of administrations, I am reminded that our ultimate hope is not in a particular leader, political party, or a form of government.Continue Reading

Our clergy and volunteers are dedicated to offering care 24/7 to those who are in need. Whether it’s hospital or homebound visits, crisis counseling, or a caring presence for questioning souls, we are committed to providing a compassionate presence for people who are facing life’s inevitable challenges. We have aContinue Reading

St. James Episcopal Church, c. 1947

There’s a theory that the world completely changes every 80 or so years. The world of the 1860s was not the same as it was during the Revolution. The world of the 1940s was not the same as it was during the Civil War, and the world of today isContinue Reading