Staying Connected

Welcome to Realm, a new interactive database for St. James. Realm allows YOU to edit your information as well as locate contact information of other St. James members who are included in a printed directory.

It also invites you to include a photo in your account. Please don’t be shy about doing that. Being able to put a face with a name is extremely helpful, especially for newer folks in our parish.

An invitation has been sent to you on January 29. The directions are pretty straightforward. You will create an account with a password that only you have access to. After that, you are invited to get the Realm Connect application for your cell phone. If you don’t have a smartphone, you will be able to use Realm on your iPad, desktop, laptop, etc., simply by signing in with the account and password that you created.

The beauty of this is Realm can connect you with your St. James family, any time, any place, and you can update your personal information as needed. You can also edit privacy settings so only the information YOU want available will show.

By the way, we can still send you a printable directory if you wish.

In the future, we will create ministry groups that will allow you to communicate among your group members, such as Ushers, Altar Guild, Choir, Doorstep, etc., and post events like the ones Fr. John Mark has been posting for Sunday afternoon Eucharists.

If you have already registered, here is the link to login, https://onrealm.org/StJamesEpiscopa19321/SignIn

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