Mark the date Saturday, October 17, 2020 on your calendar.  That is when St. James will hold its 2nd Annual Neighbor Day Celebration.  The purpose of this spectacular event is two-fold: to highlight the work of St. James ministries of service outreach to our neighbors, and to raise money to continue delivering this outreach.  OnceContinue Reading

We have many programs that explicitly offer much needed help to our local community. Helping Hands and Doorstep Ministry literally fee people who are at risk of not having enough food. Our work with Volunteer Ministry Center provides similarly crucial help to those in need. Our building is offered toContinue Reading

Fellowship in the body of Christ is certainly no side issue. It is one of the four things the early church and today’s church devoted itself to. It is a means of support and encouragement to others and of ministry in the Savior’s enterprise on earth. Four words represent fellowship,Continue Reading