Acolyte MinistryAcolytes serve in worship, assisting the clergy in various ways. The crucifer carries the cross in the processional, assists the priest in setting and clearing the communion table, and receives the elements from the ushers. The two torchbearers carry the torches, collect the offering from the ushers, and ring the bells during the liturgy. All three process the gospel book into the congregation for the priest to read. On special occasions we may also use ribbons or incense in the processionals. Due to COVID, torchbearers are not being scheduled at this time. When it is deemed safe, we will be scheduling an event to introduce new children to the ministry of acolyte and to train them if they are interested in pursuing this ministry. Contact: Carla Livesey | | 865-966-2345 |

Altar Guild Ministry – The Altar Guild prepares the altars for all services. This ministry provides a wonderful opportunity to get to know others. All are welcome. Service duties include preparing the Eucharist, setting up the altar area, and clearing the altars at the end of the services. Four groups currently each serve two weeks at a time. They meet for about an hour on Saturday morning to set things up and then the altars at the conclusion of the Sunday services.  Contacts: Susan Abell | | 214-414-7554 |; Patty Chase | | 865-524-0551 |; Bea Emory | | 865-687-2082 |; Patricia Hammer | | 304-444-6505 |

Audio/Visual Ministry – Members of the St. James Audio Visual Group amplify the word of the Lord by live streaming and recording regular worship services, and producing other inspirational video productions. They also maintain a growing collection of recordings viewable on demand at Internet Archive. Visit (case sensitive). The group is currently seeking additional volunteers to join the team. No experience is necessary. If you can operate a TV remote control, we can show you what you need to know. If you are a regular or semi-regular attendee at St. James, participation in this ministry will provide a purposeful added dimension to your worship experience and even greater fulfillment knowing you are making it possible for neighbors to be with us at home in real time and when it is convenient for them. Contact: Margaret Bickley | | 865-384-7422 |; Drew Jeske | | 865-659-6742 |; Nick Simson | | 928-814-2893 |

Daughters of the King Ministry – Daughters of the King are women and girls between the ages of 18 and 108 who desire a closer walk with the Lord. We are Christian women, both lay and ordained, who are strengthened through the discipline of a Rule of Life, and supported through the companionship of our sisters. We are all at different stages of our Christian journey – some have just begun and some have been on this path for a long time. But no matter where we are on our sacred journeys, our primary goal is the same – to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known to others.. Contacts: Theresa DeRosa | | 727-858-7469 | ; Patricia Hammer | | 304-444-6505 |; Victoria Hawkins | | 832-656-7013 | ; Theresa Ann Russell | | 727-858-8444 |

Episcopal Church Women Ministry – All St. James women are members of the Episcopal Church Women (ECW). Approximately 20-25 regularly attend meetings and many more volunteer for various projects. The mission of the ECW is to serve Christ and His church through outreach as well as inreach. Because the ECW is so accustomed to being hands-on involved in church life, this has been a difficult time. We were happy to have a small Easter good bag activity for our children and are planning something similar for Halloween in place of Trunk or Treat. Disappointed about having to postpone the rummage sale, we remain excited about other different options for helping people clear out their stuff while raising money for ECW projects! In 2022, we hope to increase participation at regular meetings and resume our “normal” activities, like the Spring Tea, Easter Breakfast, Rummage Sale, and Trunk or Treat!  Contacts: Marilyn Canady | | 865-384-5084 |; Stacy Hall, 865-558-4053,; Angie Livesay | | 865-661-5349 |; Nancy Pullen | | 415-722-0139 |

Episcopal Peace Fellowship Ministry – The Episcopal Peace Fellowship (EPF) connects all who seek a deliberate response to injustice and violence and want to pray, study and take action for justice and peace in our communities, our church, and the world. The group ordinarily meets quarterly to share a meal and plan programs. EPF built and maintains the Peace Labyrinth on the front lawn at St. James, adjacent to the children’s playground. In September, we saw the installation at long last of the arbor at the labyrinth entrance, and have planted climbing vines. Many thanks to Linda Denton for planting! Contacts: Jim Orr | 865-577-6497 |; Barbara Hickey | | 865-637-5147 |

Eucharistic Ministers Ministry – Lay Eucharistic Ministers assist the clergy during the Sunday communion services by sharing the chalice of wine with members of the church community. They are also asked to serve at special services during the Easter and Christmas seasons and during funerals. Many of the Lay Eucharistic Ministers also volunteer to be Lay Eucharistic Visitors. In this role, bread and wine from Communion is shared with the sick and shut ins. Lay Eucharistic Visitors usually serve in pairs and follow a prescribed rite of prayers when serving the consecrated host and wine, bringing the spirit of the church community to those who cannot be with us in person. Because of COVID, Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors are not being scheduled at this time. However, we would love to use this time to meet you and add you to our team. If you feel God is calling you to serve as a member of the Eucharistic Ministry, you must complete a short training and become “licensed” by the Bishop.  Contact: Cynthia Thornburg | | 865-689-8843 |

Finance Committee – The Finance Committee works throughout the year and meets monthly to develop responsible financial policies, manage the church budgeting process, monitor revenue & expenses, and provide appropriate orientation and reporting to the Vestry and congregation. The budgeting process and responsible management of church expenses requires cooperation and assistance from all ministry leaders throughout the year. Contacts: Carol Yates | | 865-363-7539 | 

Flower Guild Ministry – The Flower Guild arranges flowers for all services and celebrations throughout the year. Members work in teams of two to order and arrange the flowers. No experience is necessary. The Flower Guild always tries to honor all special requests made for Sunday arrangements as well as for weddings and funerals. The Guild is financially supported by parishioners who give flowers in honor and memory of friends and family members. Contact: Bea Emory | | 865-687-2082 |; Donna Schmidt | | 865-250-3065 |

Funeral Guild – Arrangements for funerals and memorials must be handled so much more urgently than those for other regular worship services. They also require a special devotion to being “present” to attendees of all ages and relationships to the deceased. St. James has always done an excellent job in handling these occasions. This includes the way we are attentive to the ceremonial details and the comforting ways we provide compassion to every family member. We are very fortunate to have so many caring members who embrace these challenges. The Funeral Guild works to assure our strong tradition is maintained. We follow up with all ministry leaders to confirm all arrangements, ensure all participants are included in the service booklet, and make sure all memorial gifts and acknowledgement cards are properly received and handled. Contacts: Marilyn Canady | | 865-384-5084 |; Stacy Hall, 865-558-4053,

Handbell Ensemble – The St. James Handbell Ensemble plays during Sunday worship throughout the year. Besides playing for the congregation, we enjoy participating in handbell festivals, conferences & workshops, and playing for retirement communities. Our instruments are 5 octaves of newly refurbished Malmark handbells, 3 octaves of Schulmerich handbells and 3 octaves of Schulmerich chimes, played by an enthusiastic team of 10 to 15 ringers. We often play with other instruments such as piano, organ, cello, violin, flute, and percussion. We play everything from traditional, sacred and hymn tunes, to classical, pop, and just-for-fun arrangements. We rehearse on Tuesday evenings at 6 pm. New ringers are supported by the more experienced ringers. Together we create music that brings joy, comfort, and inspiration to others. Some experience reading music is helpful but not required. Due to COVID, we currently have several openings available and invite your participation. We have plenty of bells! Contact: Timothy Lett | | 865-680-2802 |

Kitchen Guild Ministry – The Kitchen Guild is a great way to meet folks and an easy way to serve our faith community at St. James. When it is safe to gather again for fellowship after the 10:30 am Sunday worship service, our Kitchen Guild will resume serving up fresh, hot coffee, lemonade, and water to parishioners and guests who have the time to visit after the service. Kitchen Guilders make sure that the coffee pots are full, coffee mugs are clean, and the parish hall is clean when we leave. In the past, we have had several teams of folks who served on a rotating basis. We anticipate that our future service will be built on that same team model of service.  Contacts: Margaret Bickley | | 865-384-7422 |; Susan Driskell | | 865-387-3836 |

Klean Sweeps – St. James Klean Sweep volunteers perform housekeeping tasks on an occasional basis to help keep our place clean, comfortable, and safe. Working independently, but in coordination with our Sexton, Jr. Warden & Parish Administrator, Klean Sweeps assist during 2- or 3-hour blocks of time that fit their busy schedule. Typical Klean Sweep tasks include deep cleaning of doors, handles, door frames & thresholds; walls, baseboards, & carpets; windows, sills & window shades; light fixtures, air vents & decor; and cabinets, drawers & closets. They also provide seasonal assistance in helping to maintain the appearance of our grounds including litter pickup, weeding & mulching. Aside from the satisfaction and gratification of helping to maintain our beautiful buildings & grounds, Klean Sweeps are eligible for chances to receive gift cards redeemable toward the purchase of coffee & non coffee drinks, handmade bagels, and bagel sandwiches at K-Brew! Contacts: Rick Brown | 865-640-2020 |; Kevin Jeske-Polyak | | 865-523-5687 |; Butch Yates | | 865-567-0138 | 

Lay Readers Ministry – Lay Readers are laypersons licensed by the Bishop to lead the Daily Office in the absence of clergy. At St. James, Lay Readers usually work in pairs. One presides as the Officiant and leads the prayers while the other reads the lessons. Lay Readers choose the opening sentences, suffrages, and collects from options in the Book of Common Prayer. Lay Readers must be confirmed to lead, but do not have to be confirmed to attend or to take part in Evening Prayer on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm through the academic year (September-May). Evening Prayer includes a confession, a psalm or psalms, scripture readings, and prayers. Some of the prayers are led by an officiant, who can either be a clergy person or a Lay Reader, and some are said together. There are canticles to offer our praises, and there is an opportunity for us to offer thanksgivings or make intercessions. Contact: Lee Creech | | 865-919-5315 | 

Lectors and Intercessors Ministry  – A Lector is a lay person who contributes to the Liturgy by reading assigned lessons from the Old Testament and the New Testament and sometimes the Psalms. Intercessors lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People. These are ministries in which the readers help to create a sacred space during the Holy Eucharist and other services. Twenty-two lay people have served as Lectors and Intercessors since St. James returned to in-person services this summer. During the time we held Zoom meetings 12 people served in that capacity. Some of those who are serving have done so for many years; others began reading as recently as September. They are young and old, male and female. In many parishes, there are separate dedicated rosters for Lectors and Intercessors. At St. James Lectors and Intercessors are called from the same list.  Contact: Pam Strickland | | 865-386-0805 |

Music Ministry – Our shared mission is one of service through music: serve God, serve the parish, and service to the community. Since singing is considered a superspreading Covid event, there have been several changes made in our Music Ministry during the pandemic. The “masked singer” has become popular this year; not only within the small vocal ensemble who leads worship but also throughout the entire congregation! We have also been utilizing our space in different ways. Not only have we spread out, (social distancing), but we have sung during both indoor and outdoor worship services; and from the loft and Chapel areas. The pandemic brought about an increased need for music videographers, most notably during our ZOOM worship during the first part of 2021. Many thanks to those who served in this capacity. Various choristers from the St. James Parish Choir have both recorded music and sung ‘in-person” musical offerings while supporting music for the liturgy each Sunday. Contact: Ashley Burell | | 865-387-2999 | 

Prayer Shawl Ministry – Compassion and the love of knitting and crocheting are combined into a prayerful ministry and spiritual practice through the St. James Prayer Shawl Ministry which reaches out to neighbors in need of comfort and solace, as well as in celebration and joy. We typically provide 75 – 100 handmade and blessed prayer shawls each year for neighbors who are in ill health, having surgery, or who have been blessed with a new baby. We also create other special items like book bag swatches to reduce “back to school” anxiety. Contact: Suzanne Farkas | | 865-323-6212 |

St. Francis Guild Ministry – St. Francis Guild is the ministry responsible for maintaining the beautiful gardens around the church. We usually meet at least weekly during the growing season to plant, weed, and water. You don’t have to be a seasoned gardener to work with the St. Francis Guild. We learn from one another and you don’t even have to commit to a specific amount of time each week. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors is an excellent candidate for our ministry. If you are interested in learning more about the St. Francis Guild, please reach out to us. We will be delighted to provide a tour of the gardens to help you find a specific spot in which you just might be interested and there will certainly be no strings attached. We would love for you to experience our gardens – up close and personal.  Contact: Linda Denton | | 865-591-7880 |

Stephen Ministry – The Stephen Ministry is a lay caregiver ministry that supplements pastoral care at St. James. Trained laypersons provide one-on-one confidential care for individuals who request support. Care generally includes weekly visits that may continue for months or years. Reasons for requesting a Stephen Minister’s visits may range from grieving the loss of a loved one, experiencing a major illness, going through a divorce, job loss, struggling with substance abuse, or other life difficulties. Contact: SuAnne Cobb | | 865-556-7161 |, Fr. John Mark Wiggers | | 865-523-5687 |

Usher Ministry – The parishioners who serve as ushers at St. James are the welcoming committee for our parish. We are the meet-and-greet folks who are ready with a friendly smile, a handshake, and a service bulletin to help members and guests enjoy the Sunday gathering in God’s House. We help people find seating — especially at crowded services, such as Christmas Eve and Easter — take up the offering; guide parishioners to the communion rail, record official attendance numbers, crosscheck exits, and collect the service bulletins which are recycled after dismissal. In response to COVID, offering masks and hand sanitizer became additional routine tasks. We are also called on at times to assist with funerals, memorial services, weddings, and other special services – sometimes on short notice. The opportunity to serve as an usher generally occurs about once a month during most of the year, more often during the Christmas holidays, Holy Week, and sometimes during the summer months because of vacations.   Contact: Hoyt Canady | | 865-385-9826 |

Vestry Ministry – The St. James Vestry includes a team of 12 dedicated parishioners who provide oversight and leadership in helping to define and promote the mission of the church in six important ministry areas:, including: Service, Worship, Education, Evangelism, Parish life, and Stewardship. Members serve 3-year terms with four new members selected each year. Candidates for Vestry are nominated by a committee made up of the outgoing class. New members are selected by lots at the Annual Meeting. This follows the scripture where the Apostles replaced Judas by casting lots. The Senior Warden is named by the Rector. The Junior Warden and the Clerk are selected by the Vestry. The Church Treasurer, selected from the Vestry or from the Parish, attends Vestry meetings but does not need to be a member of the Vestry.  Contact: Fr. John Mark Wiggers | | 865-523-5687 |

Wedding and Blessing Guild Ministry – The Weddings & Blessings Guild at St. James works closely with clergy and the happy couple to coordinate details for upcoming weddings and blessings. Marriage is one of the sacraments and is a sacred ceremony. Guild members are present at the service to ensure all guests are cared for, the ceremony is held sacred, and the couple is able to relax and enjoy the day. We are there to take care of the small but important details. On each occasion, the guild chair meets with the couple well in advance to plan schedules, music, Eucharist, flowers, and other special needs.  Contact: Mary Passmore | | 540-239-8511 |