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2021 Christmas Pandemic Activities The COVID-19 Pandemic has encouraged us to be adaptive, continually prayerful, creative, flexible, and inventive in serving our Helping Hands clients routinely, and especially, in providing special Christmas treats. On December 4, we will offer a take out Holiday Meal to our clients and provide ChristmasContinue Reading

Tuesday, October 12th, was a beautiful evening with spectacular performances by The Emancipators, RheaSunshine and Alisha Brewer. St. James utilized the parking lot for a COVID-19 friendly social distancing audience of approximately 100 people. If you missed it, watch the event by clicking HERE.Continue Reading

A Celebration in 3 Acts . . . The 2021 St. James Neighbor Day celebration welcomed participation from neighbors of all faiths.  Our celebration included three parts: Act I featured a 2-week on-line auction at sjneighborday.com (Oct 2 – Oct 16) Act II featured an outdoor musical concert in the St. James Park(ing lot)Continue Reading