St. James is committed to the mission of “feeding and tending God’s sheep.” The Prophet Micah reminds us the central meaning of “feeding and tending” is wrapped up in the three-fold mandate to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)

1. JUSTICE: You will find that St. James has a long history of being committed to seeking Justice in our community stretching back to the founding of this parish in the 1920s. St. James has continued that legacy through the decades in championing for complete equality for our LGBT brothers and sisters, seeking an End to Racisim, and looking to partner with area churches to care for immigrant and refugee families in the Knoxville area.

2. MERCY: We strive to help and care for our members in times of trouble, as well as those in our neighborhood. For over 40 years now, the Helping Hands food pantry distributes needed groceries every other Saturday throughout the year. On weekdays, the Doorstep Ministry provides sack lunches, assistance with utility bills, and gas cards for those who come seeking help. Our members also volunteer with local organizations, such as Mobile Meals and Volunteer Ministry Center.

3. WALK HUMBLY: Our life together as a Christian community is first centered around God’s altar in the Eucharist. Beautiful worship is one of the joys of our community, but so are the times of fellowship together. Through our Worship and Education ministries, prayer times, weekly Hospitality Time, and the monthly church-wide “Lunch Bunch” meals, there are a variety of opportunities for our parishioners to connect, learn, and grow together in faith and love.

We hope you’ll come and be our guest, and find yourself in a community that is really committed to walking the Way of Jesus.