Lay Readers

This layperson is licensed by the Bishop to lead the Daily Office in the absence of clergy. At St. James, Lay Readers usually work in pairs. One will be the Officiant, and lead the prayers while the other one reads the lessons. Lay Readers choose the opening sentences, suffrages, and collects from options in the Book of Common Prayer. They must be confirmed to be a Lay Reader, but do not have to be confirmed to attend or to take part in Evening Prayer. Everyone is welcome.

Evening Prayer is one of the services of the Daily Office. At St. James we have Evening Prayer on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm through the academic year (September-May). Evening Prayer includes a confession, a psalm or psalms, scripture readings, and prayers. Some of the prayers are led by an officiant, who can be either be a clergy person or a Lay Reader, some are said together. There are canticles to offer our praises, and there is an opportunity for us to offer thanksgivings or make intercessions.